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​Striptease by Griselda Gámbaro. Midtown Internatl Theatre Festival, New York, July 2008.

​​La Chunga by Mario Vargas Llosa. Produced by The Miracle Theatre, Portland, Oregon, 2002; originally commissioned and produced by INTAR, New York, 1986.

Paper Wings a play with music about Frida Kahlo, written and directed by Joanne Pottlitzer.  Set pieces by Juan José Gurrola. Workshop production at Barnard College, New York, 1992.

Daedalus in the Belly of the Beast by Marco Antonio de la Parra. Produced by Touchstone Theatre, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1992.

Nelson 2 Rodrigues, an adaptation by Antunes Filho of two plays by Nelson Rodrigues. Translation commissioned and produced by Repertorio Español, New York, 1991.


The Toothbrush by Jorge Díaz.  Produced by Teatro Dallas, 1990.


Kate’s Place by Joanne Pottlitzer, directed by Estelle Parsons. Produced by the League of Professional Theatre Women, New York, 1988.

Kathie and the Hippopotamus by Mario Vargas Llosa.  Borderlands Theatre, Tucson, 1987.

The Young Lady from Tacna by Mario Vargas Llosa.  Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, Los Angeles, 1985; originally commissioned and produced by INTAR, New York, 1983.


Mythweavers by Arturo Uslar Pietri.  Produced by Intiman Theatre, Seattle, 1984.

Chile, Chile!, a collective piece produced by TOLA (Theatre of Latin America), New York, 1975

The Holy Mountain, a film by Alexandro Jodorowsky (dubbed version). Produced and released in the United States by Alan Klein, New York, 1973.

Six short plays part of A Latin American Fair of Opinion. Produced by TOLA (Theatre of Latin America), New York, 1972: The Black Airplane (Argentina) by Roberto Cossa, Germán Rozenmacher, Carlos Somigliana, Ricardo Telesnik; The Cock (Perú) by Victor Zavala; The Autopsy (Colombia) by Enrique Buenaventura; Guardian Angel (Brazil) by Augusto Boal; Man Does Not Die by Bread Alone (Chile) by Jorge Díaz; Animalia (Brazil) by Gianfrancesco Guarnieri.

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